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About Us

R.A.MATCHESWALA Established in 1948 by Mr. Abdul Majid Mohammad Kasam Matcheswala and we are leading manufacturer of EAGLE BRAND CANDLES since 1948 and having registered trademark with the name of EAGLE BRAND CANDLE.

Our Products are free from Animal Fat and made by hard and fully paraffin wax and this makes EAGLE BRAND CANDLES smokeless, deepless and odourless.

We Manufacture large range of Various Candles :
  • Piller Candles
  • Stand Candles
  • Spiral Candles
  • Regular Candles
  • Fancy Candles
  • Festival Candles
  • Floating Candles
  • Dipawali Candles
  • Tea Light Candles
  • Decorative Candles
  • Ceramic Diyas
  • Digital Candles
  • Birthday Candles
  • Ball Candles
  • Gel Wax Candles
  • Votive Candles
  • Fruit Candles